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Loading a mpv profile according to the CPU model on OpenBSD

Latest update: 2021-07-11

I recently found out that mpv was stuttering when i used it on my old Intel Pineview Atom box because the normalisation audio filter munched all the CPU time. I wondered if i could load a profile according to the CPU used, and finally managed to do it.

I thought that it would be integrated with the profile-desc=cond:some_lua_code helper, but it did not work at all.

So at first, in my ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf, i defined options for the default profile, then the Atom specific profile, with youtube-dl options as a goodie:

# Better youtube quality on higher specced machines
# Normalize the audio output

# Reduce youtube quality on that slow Atom box
# And clear the normalization audio filter (it uses a lot of cpu)

mpv has lua scripting capabilities that will be required to make the profile autoloading work. As expected, if the CPU model is an Atom, it will apply the "atom" profile.

$ cd ~/.config/mpv
$ mkdir scripts
$ cat > scripts/autoprofile.lua
h = io.popen("sysctl hw.model")
v = h:read("*a")
if string.find(v, "Atom", 1, true) ~= nil then
    mp.commandv("apply-profile", "atom")

You can check out if everything is correct with mpv -v [...]. Enjoy :)