... it's worse than your datacenter.


Given the very low traffic, i don't care much, but i think it's a polite thing to do, especially that a few people are following my atom feed.

I need to reduce my computer usage, and that also means maintaining less machines.

While i enjoyed setting this site up, i never had a big use of that machine actually. I've saved the site content to, and i'm currently moving things to

You can expect to be shut down starting October 19 2021 14:00 UTC with a redirection pointing to github. If it plays well with HSTS that i've removed, i'm pretty sure it won't :P

I won't renew the domain so it's going down around June 2022 in any case.


Loading a mpv profile according to the CPU model on OpenBSD

I recently found out that mpv was stuttering when i used it on my old Intel Pineview Atom box because the normalisation audio filter munched all the CPU time. I wondered if i could load a profile according to the CPU used, and finally managed to do it.

Create a custom FreeDOS USB live media on OpenBSD

While modern BIOSes are actually tiny operating systems that can update themself through the net, i still have a number of old machines that requires either Windows or a MS-DOS 'floppy' to update their bios.

How i've moved my git repos branches from master to main

There are tutorials everywhere explaining how to do so. But in my case, it's a bit special: i use my own git frontend, and have to deal with remote bare repos.

Cross compiling ports with distcc on OpenBSD

One thing is sure; compiling software on OpenBSD/macppc requires a lot of patience, even with several machines and distcc. I can't add machines indefinitely ... but since the move to clang, it's now possible to use an amd64 machine as a macppc distcc helper, and i'm going to detail how i did it.